Monday, July 23, 2012

Steampunk jewelry and fishing!

I added some more chainmaille earrings to my etsy page, so go check 'em out!!

The biggest piece I finished last week has a steampunk theme to it...I love it so much I will probably keep it for myself instead of selling it! :P  I think it will be a great piece to go with my Halloween costume...which is still just an idea in my head.  And here it is!

I ran out of the smaller gold links, so once I get more I will be able to make a matching bracelet as well.

My next project is a new pattern for me and I'm really liking how it's turning out!  I love the colors I chose and I found the perfect embellishment to add to the piece when it's done.  Here's a close up on the weave.

And now on a personal note: My Everything Hurts!  We went dip netting on Saturday and managed to get our entire household limit IN ONE DAY!!!  My husband caught all the fish and I gutted them so he could get back in the water faster.  At one point he was catching them faster than I could clean them!  It was an intense day.  And here's our 45 fishes!

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