Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I know I missed doing a post last week.  I fully intended to, and before I knew it the week was over!  I didn't really do any crafting last week, but I did work on getting my 'craft room' (aka the diningroom) set up.  Behold my new storage unit:

Since we just moved into another rental and I still don't get to have my craft room, I did go through all my craft supplies and willing put some of them into storage.  Our plan is to live here for a year before hopefully being able to buy our own house.  At that point I will have my very own craft room to do with as I please!  So I had to have an honest heart to heart with myself and ask the hard question of 'Am I really going to use that in the next year?'  So the sewing machine and my plastic canvas books and accessories for both all ended up in storage.  I also figured that having easy access only to the craft supplies for the items I intend to sell might be a good idea so I don't get distracted with wanting to make more and more things.  I need to focus on building up an inventory for myself!

Speaking of inventory, that is my project for the night.  I started with my perler bead earrings.

Now I just need to get the rest of my products organized, bagged, and marked for inventory.  Then I need to make more stuffs!

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